4 Door Proximity Access Control Kit
4 Door Proximity Access Control KitProximity Access Control Kit Software

2 Door Proximity Access Control System With Proximity Card Readers and Software


Pack includes: 
1 x 2 Door Controller
4 x Card Readers (if you are only wanting 2 card readers, please contact us)
1 x 3 Amp Power Supply
1 x IP65 Box
10 x Proximity Cards (please contact us if you require more)
Proximity Controller:
Software included in kit
Boxed IP64
3Amp power supply
Network Communication: TCP/IP
Communication mode: 10Mbps/100Mbps adaptive
Control 2 doors, get in and out door by proximity card, or get in by proximity card and get out door by button (Purchased separately).
2 Door controller (can control 2 doors)
Supports 4 readers supplied with kit
Can Store up to 20,000 users
Can Store up to 100,000 events
Power Supply: 12VDC
Power Consumption: Less than 100mA
Operating Temperature: -35C~+65C
Operating Humidity: 10~90%RH Non-Condensing
Card reader to the controller maximum distance: 100 meters (recommended 80 meters)
The maximum number of network: no limit
Communication mode: 10Mbps/100Mbps adaptive
Circuit board power consumption: TCP communication 225mA (without load)
Controller to controller maximum online distance: depending on the network coverage
Door control input: single channel relay input(10A)
Card reader protocol: WG 26 card reader
Key Features:
Flexible rights management, Offline and real-time monitoring.
Photo can be uploaded for individual users.
Door can be opened or locked from the software.
The software automatically logs information onto other functions.
Information can be uploaded onto Excel spreadsheet.
Software also comes with professional attendance function for employees.
System can be used for multiple gates, barriers and doors.
Relays are normally open or normally closed.
Doors can be time managed from the software to lock or open the doors during programmable hours.
Proximity card reader:
8-15v DC
Weigand 26bit
Proximity Card:
Weigand 26bit
capable of working with all our readers, controllers and keypads.

Product Description

2 Door Proximity Access Control Kit

Our 2 door proximity access control kits contain software which allows the customer to monitor which doors employees are accessing. This can be monitored in real time or when computer is offline it will save the data to be viewed when the user next views their computer. The Proximity access control kit has many features such as doors can be managed through the software to lock or open doors during programmable hours. This is ideal for closing business  times. The system can also has flexible right management meaning that certain users can only access basic parts of the system and will not be able to change system settings.
The kit includes the IP65 Box to hold the PCB for the controller and also the 3Amp power supply.

Proximity Card Readers

The proximity card readers are wiegand 26bit. Our card readers will pick up a card from approx 50mm away. The readers are also water proof and extremely reliable. We have been installing this card reader with all of our access systems and have not had a problem with them. We will supply 10 proximity cards with the kit. If you require more proximity cards please contact us.
We also have a long range reader that detects a car up to 1m away,  if you require this please use our contact page to email or phone us for prices and advice.

Proximity Access Control Kit Conclusion

The Pcb for our access control kit is easy to wire up this can be done by any electrician and the software is very user friendly. If you do not require the 4 card readers and only want 2 readers with 2 push to exit buttons. Please again feel free to contact us to discuss your best options and prices for your requirements.
Our system will work in any condition whether it is outside on a barrier or within offices.
For prices on barriers please visit www.barriers-uk.com and for parking bollards visit www.parking-bollards.com


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