1 Door Proximity Controller Kit

4 Door Proximity Controller Kit


Software included in kit
Boxed IP64
3Amp power supply
Network Communication: TCP/IP
Communication mode: 10Mbps/100Mbps adaptive
Control 4 doors, get in and out door by proximity card, or get in by proximity card and get out door by button.
4 Door controller (can control 4 doors with press to exit button)
Support 4 readers
Can Store up to 20,000 users
Can Store up to 100,000 events
Power Supply: 12VDC
Power Consumption: Less than 100mA
Operating Temperature: -35C~+65C
Operating Humidity: 10~90%RH Non-Condensing
Card reader to the controller maximum distance: 100 meters (recommended 80 meters)
The maximum number of network: no limit
Communication mode: 10Mbps/100Mbps adaptive
Circuit board power consumption: TCP communication 225mA (without load)
Controller to controller maximum online distance: depending on the network coverage
Door control input: single channel relay input(10A)
Card reader protocol: WG 26 card reader
Key Features:
Flexible rights management, Offline and real-time monitoring.
Photo can be uploaded for individual users.
Door can be opened or locked from the software.
The software automatically logs information onto other functions.
Information can be uploaded onto Excel spreadsheet.
Software also comes with professional attendance function for employees.
System can be used for multiple gates, barriers and doors.
Relays are normally open or normally closed.
Doors can be time managed from the software to lock or open the doors during programmable hours.
Anti-pass back feature can be programmed if required

Product Description


4 Door Proximity Controller Kit

Our 4 Door Proximity Controller Kit is an ideal system for those who not only want high security but also want to monitor doors/barriers or gates control. After  attaching to a pc using a standard Ethernet cable. The software provided with the system  can be downloaded. From the software you can name doors add thousands of users (20000 user capacity). Once you have also fitted your readers and locks, barriers or gates. to the system you can monitor live. Or monitor later and even download and print door openings.
The system has eight inputs allowing you to have an in and out reader on four doors  if required and also has an input for a press to release button on each door.
The system comes in a weatherproof box and has a 3 amp power supply for locks etc.  Please see our shop for WG 26 card readers, cards or fobs.

The software also allows you to insert photos, it has vacation time zones so you can turn off a card during a member of staffs holiday.  You can program cards to work within certain hours and within certain dates. add anti pass back where required.  You can also open the door from the software. readers must be within 100m.

N/O or N/C contacts on both doors

Proximity Control Conclusion

These system are easy to install and give either a normally open or closed circuit when triggered. The software is not only free but easy to use. At the same time it is complex enough to cover all security and monitoring needs . This system works with all our electric gate and barrier system that can be viewed on our barrier website www.barriers-uk.com  If you are looking for a cost effective yet ultra high specification software control system to monitor your system this has to be it.. If you have any questions or queries, please call us on 01253781827.

Up to 30 More controllers can be fitted to the software


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