Battery Photocells

Battery Photocells



Product Description

Adjustable Infra Red Beams wiring

The infra red beams have a transmitter which is battery operated and a receiver which needs a 4 core wire, this saved running cables across the road. The normally closed circuit is usually used for safety devices. Therefore the normally open circuit is used to open gates and barriers. Our Photocells also have the option or be NO/NC


We have found them to be robust and we have never had a problem. They carry a 1 year warranty. We always have quantities in stock.


With its added bonus of being adjustable.  It is 12-24v ac or dc therefore making it versatile enough for nearly every gate or barrier control unit. It has a range of 15m which is sufficient for gates and barriers as well as up and over doors.  If you are not sure whether this beam is for you or not why not call us and we will point you in the right direction and give you any advice needed. Not just on infra red beam units but any other aspect of access control. please feel free to visit our barrier site


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