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GSM Intercom Single Way


Product Description

Single Way GSM Intercom

Single Way Intercom Product Features:

◆ Support 200 sets of numbers, each number can be set in the time period to control the relay to open the door.

◆ A relay output is used to control to open the door, connected when there is the number of incoming users, And it will automatically disconnect at a set time.

◆ After a user calls to control to open the door, it can send SMS to the user about its action.

◆ 000~999 seconds, we can control the relay closing time, 000 indicates: the relay is closed for 0.5 seconds then disconnected. 999 indicate: the relay can be closed until the same number in comes again then the relay will disconnect.

◆ SMS commands can be used to query the current state of the host (relay status and GSM signal value).

◆ SMS can be regularly uploaded for the current state of the host to the first user number.

◆ Use the clock on the module, each time the host sends SMS to itself to correct the time.


single way intercom instuctions (small)


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