Keypad Proximity Reader

Keypad / Proximity Reader


Proximity Reader & Keypad

Upto 1000 users

Can be used as pin operated keypad or proximity reader with the option of both

Users can be added or deleted individually

Stainless steel construction

Illuminated numbers

Weather proof

12V DC

An extra reader can be added to open the same door

Normally open or normally closed contacts


Product Description

Keypad Proximity Reader

Our keypad proximity reader can be used as an rfid proximity reader allowing you to use our proximity cards or fobs. Alternatively it can be used as a pin keypad and also can be used as both keypad and card reader. Therefore if you decide at a later date to have a cards you can do this and also if you decide to have card and pin at a later date this to can be programmed.

Proximity Card or code

The system is 12vdc and has outputs that are n/o and n/c but also has an input for an additional reader so you can have a reader in and out system on a single door. Deleting or accepting up to 1000 cards is easily done via the engineer code.  Also the system allows up to 1000 codes and again are easily changed.
Other features include :-

Blue backlit
Stainless Steel Front Cover and aluminium rear
Adjustable relay time
1000 users


Therefore If you are looking for a robust, reasonably priced and easy to install proximity or keypad system this is ideal. On a single door, gate or barrier you can also have reader in using this unit and a reader on the way out at a low cost.  The additional reader, cards or fobs can be viewed on this site.

This and all our access equipment can be used in conjunction with our barriers and gates that can be viewed on our website This access control system  will also work with almost all other gates and barriers.

We can also help you decide which system is the best for you. We have over 30 years experience in all aspects of access control. If you are planning a system and need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us  01253781827 or via email and we will be only to happy to assist you.





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