Single Channel Loop Detector

Loop Detector


Single Channel Vehicle Loop Detector
1) Power Supply : DC/AC 12V/24V
2) Power Consumption : 3W maximum
3) Output Relay : 120V/3A AC
4) Work Temperature : -20oC ~ +70oC
5) Loop Inductance Range : 50H ~ 800H ( ideal 100H ~ 300H )
6) Work Frequency : 20kHz ~ 130kHz
7) Sensitivity Can be adjusted to 4 levels
8) Self-calibrating : 1s to 2s
9) Dimension : 79×22.5×90mm ( L×W×H )
1. Adjustable sensitivity
2. Duel relay adjustable. (Can be used for 2 separate devices eg. Gate + Counter)
3. Adjustable presence or pulse.
4. Delay time can be adjusted between 0 seconds & 2 seconds.
5. Frequency is adjustable for more than one loop detector on a system.

Product Description

Single Channel Loop Detector

The single channel loop detector is our only loop detector as we have no need to stock any other. It is 12-24v ac/dc meaning it will work with most gate and barrier control units. It has adjustable frequency for more than one loop on the same control unit. The duel relays allow you to switch more than one device at a time eg.  Therefore lift a barrier and switch a counter etc. It has adjustable sensitivity low, low medium, high medium and high. Therefore why would we stock any other unit.


The loop detector also has a delay relay, allowing you to set the relay so when a vehicle has left the loop, there is a two second delay before switching back to normal. The detector can also be set to be normally open usually used for auto exit or n/c for safety loops.  This detector has everything an installer could want and is small enough to fit in most control units Dimension : 79×22.5×90mm ( L×W×H ). Most of all it is reliable and reasonably priced.


Since 1984 we have sold many different types of loop detector but this is our favourite by far. Why use more expensive models most of which are not as versatile as these and many far less reliable.  We are still waiting for a faulty unit and have been selling these for over two years to all our barrier and electric gate sales. Therefore we recommend many installers carry these units with them  incase they come across a faulty loop detector as they can be used on most systems.

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