Proximity Fobs

Proximity Fobs


Proximity Fobs

Wiegand 26 bit

capable of working with all our readers, controllers and keypads

Product Description

Proximity Fobs

Our tear drop shaped proximity fobs are an ideal option to use in conjunction with our proximity controllers and proximity keypad. They are Weigand 26bit. and work from appx 25-50mm.  With a size of 20mm easily fit in your pocket. They also have a key ring should you wish to put them on a bunch of keys. Manufactured from hard plastic, making them very difficult to break.

Our Opinion of proximity fobs

In our experience fobs work well with door access control but not as well with electric gates or barriers, because drivers put them on their key ring and arrive at the reader with their keys in the ignition. This causes both delays and frustration. Our experience shows cards are better for vehicle access equipment.


To conclude fobs have slightly less range than cards but for doors are a worthy alternative.  If you are planning a proximity fobs system, please feel free to contact us to help design your system. We have 30 years experience and therefore have likely to have found solutions for any access control system.  If you are planning a gate or barrier system. Visit our other website where you will find a vast range of hard wear from manual and automatic barriers to automatic bollards.


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