GSM Gate Openers & Intercoms

GSM Gate Openers – Intercoms

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Our GSM gate opener is second to none and that is why we only stock this model. It is 12vdc and works in places where mobile phones struggle for reception. It has n/o and n/c contacts but the most important points are it is reliable and also reasonably priced.

We sell two models of gsm intercoms the first is a single button model, you can program two numbers to call. Therefore if the first number is busy it will call the next.  We also have a 200 door model. which will call up to 200 doors by pressing the door number followed by #. Again if the first number is busy the unit can call a second.

Both the intercoms can be called by 250 mobile phone numbers to open the door. Set by yourselves. If you are planning a gate or barrier system visit

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