GSM Gate Opener

GSM Gate Opener


Simple to set up

Simply text the information to the unit from any mobile phone.


>  Remote open/close swing/sliding gates, doors,
shutters, garage doors, locks with a free call!
>  Residential: Door, gate, garage access control, electronic
fan, microwave, air-conditioner control.
>  Industry: Remote switch equipment, for example: street lights,
solar power, motor, inverter, PLC, pumps, fans, etc.
>  Agriculture: Remote control pumps, etc.
>  Business: Remote control electronic boxes ,bright  billboards, LED signs, etc.
How it works?
A) Wiring the RTU5024 Gate opener with your door locks or other machines.
B) Insert SIM card to RTU5024 Gate Opener, Power up.
C) Send few SMS commands to RTU5024 Gate opener, to assign the authorized user list.
D) Make a phone call from the authorized user’s phone number, RTU5024 Gate Opener reject
phone call and door open or close.
Users: Can have upto 200 users or can be set so anyone knowing the sim card number can activate GSM gate opener
Model :RTU5024
Functions: Swing Gate, Sliding Door, Garage Door Locks
GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Output Relay: NC/NO dry contact,3A/240VAC
Power Consumption: 12V input Max.50Ma/Standby:15mA
SIM Card: Support 3V SIM Card
Antenna: 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Temperature range :-20~+60 °C
Humidity range: Relative humidity 90%
Voltage: DC12v

Product Description

GSM Gate Opener

Our GSM Gate Opener is capable of opening electric gates, barriers, garage doors and locks.

Furthermore the GSM Opener works with nearly every mobile network sim card.
You can put £10.00 credit on a sim. When you call the system it rings straight off. Therefore it does not charge the sim or the user for the call. This means each activation is free of any charge making it not only versatile but extremely cost effective

When a visitor arrives that has the telephone number for the sim card in the GSM Gate Opener they simply call the number and the gate or barrier will open. It will automatically close depending on the time set by the installer. Alternatively once the barrier or gate has been opened the installer can programme the GSM to stay open until the unit receives another call.
The system has two settings, you can allow anyone who knows the sim number to call it and open the gate. Alternatively you can control up to 200 users set by your self. You text the system numbers you want to allow to enter the barrier/gate.

GSM Opener

This GSM system means that no proximity card or fob is needed. Everyone has a telephone so this system makes to convenient to the customer. The GSM Opener can be installed in the UK but can be called from anywhere in the world and the system will still operate as normal.


The system requires 12vdc and when a user phone calls the system the gate or barrier will open. Hence making the unit versatile for users and installers. with n/o and n/c contacts

Barriers & Gates

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