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About GSM intercom GSM house
When a visitor arrives, they push the call button and the unit generates a high quality audio call to up to 2 numbers to announce their presence. Should the person taking the call wish to allow entry, they simply push the button on their telephone handset to release the on board relay.
Also allows 200 phone numbers to call the system for free to trigger the on-board relay to activate gates or doors
Not only is this system offering two way speech, Caller ID access control allows known numbers to call the unit. When the call arrives, it is immediately dropped and if the number is known, the gates or door is released.
Ideal for using mobile phones instead of ‘key-fobs’ in that up to 200 users can operate the gates in this way.
Simple to install, setup and operate
Even during talking ,can press the button on the mobile phone keypad to release the gate opener for visitor.

Product Description

Single Way GSM Intercoms

Our single way GSM intercoms is capable of calling one flat or office. It also is capable of receiving a signal from 200 phones therefore allowing you to open the door, gate or barrier from wherever you are.

Furthermore the Single Way GSM Intercoms accepts nearly every mobile network sim card.

When a visitor arrives on site they press the stainless steel button on the front of the panel. This rings the required apartment/office and sends a noise from the intercom telling the visitor it is in operation. The apartment/office owner answers the phone. If they want the visitor to have access they press a key on their phone. This clicks a relay in the  GSM intercom allowing the door to open. Furthermore if the apartment owner does not answer their phone, the unit rings a second number programmed by yourselves.

GSM Opener

The Single Way GSM intercoms also has the capability of working as a mobile network switch, therefore allowing you to call the intercom and the gate/door will open without having to press a button, ideal for electric gates and barriers. Up to 200 users can dial in to open the barrier, gate or door.


The system requires 12vdc and when a user phone calls the system or a user answers the phone and allows entry, the unit has both normally open and normally closed contacts. Hence making the unit versatile for users and installers. Inside the outer case there is a rechargeable battery so if a power cut occurs they Single Way GSM Intercoms will still have power.

Single Way GSM intercoms

Robust anti vandal design with a key to open the outer case rather than a screw, weatherproof, Simple to program via USB. Why have numerous access control methods, nearly everyone has a phone. If you have any queries, please contact us 01253 781827
For barriers and gates contact or bollards


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