12 User Radio Receiver Equipment

12 User Radio Receiver


Transmitter Receiver Board
Key Features:
Comes with box to cover PCB.
1. 12v Direct Current
2. 315 Khz receiver
3. Up to 12 transmitters can be programmed on to 1 receiver
4. Unlimited code free transmitters can be used, available from ourselves
5. Range can be up to 50m
6. Normally open or closed circuit
7. Can be set for momentary or permanent contact (press once for on and again for off)

Product Description

Radio Receiver Equipment

Our 12 user radio receiver equipment is therefore capable of having up to 12 users. This is normally used to open barriers or gates that lead into apartment parking areas or car parks.

All our Radio Receiver Equipment is capable of working with our radio transmitters. The radio receiver is easy to programme new transmitters. If you have numerous coded the same transmitters the capabilities of the memory goes from twelve to infinity.  Therefore We always stock coded alike transmitters

12 User Radio Receiver Equipment

The receiver itself has a range of upto 50m, this is dependant on the weather conditions. For example: rain, mist, snow. The radio receiver has the capability to allow the barrier or gate to open with one press of the transmitter and it will not close until the transmitter is pressed again. Or momentary giving a pulse to a barrier/gate (which has a timer).
To delete all the transmitters from the system press and hold program button for 5 seconds.

Our transmitters have two buttons a and b   a can be used for one receiver. Therefore b can be used for another. An alternative is a can be used to open the gate and b to close.

We have endeavoured to find the most reliable and versatile receivers. We have managed to find receivers that fit most budgets and also reliability and range.

Customers can buy this product in our web shop without hesitation. Knowing our prices are extremely competitive.

Wiring 12VDC

All out radio receiver products are very easy to wire up and programme. The 12 user radio receiver uses a simple programme button. Therefore making it easy to use

Barriers, Gate & Bollards

For further information on our Gate and Barrier products please visit our website at www.barriers-uk.com. We also have more information and a list of our bollard products at www.parking-bollards.com


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